25 easy Elf ideas for the office or home!

We all know that the Elf is a great way to add excitement and magic to the Christmas season. You can simply move the Elf from place to place each night or you can check out our super easy ideas below. 

All of these ideas can be done easily with things found in the home or at your local shops. 

1- Elf bubble bath- Pop your elf in a bowl or bathtub with some cotton wool balls as bubbles.

2- Marshmallow naps- Use marshmallows to create a comfy bed for your elf to take a nap.

3- Homesick- Pop your elf in the freezer and use a tea towel as a blanket, you could include a note saying your elf felt homesick and missed the snow. 

4- Flying lessons- Hang your elf from the ceiling fan by some underwear for a funny flying lesson.

5- TP attack- Use toilet paper to cover the tree or the kids bedrooms in a TP attack, you could sit your elf in the empty toilet roll core. 

6- Notes on the mirror- Use a dry erase marker to write notes or draw pictures on the bathroom/ bedroom mirrors from the elf. 

7- Googly eyes- Use some stick on googly eyes to add some laughs to family photos or add to your fruit and veggies. 

8- Zip lining fun- Use some string, fishing line or even shoelaces to create a zip line to or from the Christmas tree. 

9- Magic eggs- Place your elf next to a bowl with a note explaining how to create a magic trick. Each child puts an egg into the bowl and sprinkles glitter or 100s and 1000s over the top. In the morning the eggs are replaced with kinder eggs (chocolate eggs). 

10- Change usernames- Place the elf next to the tv with the remote and change the usernames and pictures on your streaming services (netflix, prime etc) 

11- Elfie time- Use all the devices in the house (ipads, phones etc) to take selfies of the elf (Elfies) and then change them to the background pictures. 

12- Tech free day- Use wrapping paper to cover the tvs, gaming remotes and consoles then leave a note from the elf to say that they are having a tech free day. 

13- Sack races- Use paper lunch bags to set up sack races with the other teddies and toys. 

14- Teddy bears picnic- Set up the elf with some other toys in a circle with picnic items. 

15- Snow angels- Use flour, coconut or sugar poured onto the kitchen bench and create snow angels with the elf. 

16- Fruit loops necklace- Set up your elf with the fruit loops box and using some string make a mini fruit loop necklace for him/her to wear, he could also have some bigger ones ready for the kids to wear. 

17- Trapped- Place your elf in a jar holding a note saying "help, I'm stuck!"

18- Colouring in- Set your elf up with come colouring pages and pens etc. You could even colour in a picture for the kids from your elf.

19- Paper snowflakes- Set your elf up with some paper and scissors and cut out some paper snowflakes. You could cut out mini snowflakes from the elf with a note asking the kids to make some and they could be hung up together. 

20- Scavenger hunt- Set your elf up with a scavenger hunt for the kids, it can be as easy or hard as you want. They could need to find x amount of candy canes or it could be funny clues for household items (butt dryer for towel, white moustache maker for milk etc)

21- Post it surprise- Use a lot of post it notes and stick them all over the house with notes for the kids. The notes could be positive affirmations, cheeky christmas jokes, praises for kids behaviour or a mixture of all of them. 

22- Tic Tac Toe- Set up a tic tac toe game with another toy, you could use dry erase markers on a mirror or use some Christmas sticky bows in 2 different colours. 

23- Car wash- Set up your elf with some sponges cut elf size and a container filled with water and lots of bubbles. Then have a line up of toy vehicles headed for the car wash. 

24- dirty face- smear some nutella, peanut butter or similar on the elf's face with him/her sitting on or beside the jar.

25- Building block house- Set your elf up with a sign saying "do you like my gingerbread house?" He could be sitting beside a house made from building blocks and it could be amazing or silly. 

We would love to hear from you and see what you come up with or if you found some good ideas on our list!