30 Valentine's date ideas that don't include a restaurant or cinema!

  1. Picnic on the beach at sunset/ sunrise - an old classic that is always sure to put a smile on your partner's face. Just make sure they are a morning person if you pick sunrise haha. 

  2. mini golf 
  3. Arcade - let your hair down and have some old school fun! 
  4. Movie night at home (mattress on floor, snacks, lots of pillows)
  5. Skidiving - there are options here! You can do indoor or out of a plane.
  6. Paintball - team up together or you could fill water balloons with paint and take pictures (10 things I hate about you anyone?)
  7. Shooting range
  8. Zoo
  9. Hike a mountain at sunset/ sunrise
  10. Ice skating/ Roller rink
  11. Paint and sip - Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a picasso or think that a flower and a stick figure makes for some art, having a drink and testing your talent can make for some great fun and some laughs. 
  12. Finding a local water hole
  13. 4wding - jump in the truck and find a 4wd track close by! 
  14. Dance lessons for couples - search your local area for some couples dance lessons, you'll be surprised what you can find! Or put some lessons on youtube if you prefer dancing like everyone's watching (privately haha) 
  15. Rage cage/ smash room
  16. Escape room - test your partners apocalypse skills and see how well they would go.  
  17. Museum
  18. Go to a comedy show- if you cant find one nearby then you could stream one at home with a drink and some nibbles. 
  19. Try indoor rock climbing
  20. Go to a water park
  21. Axe throwing - this has become very popular in recent years however we do recommend going to a proper facility and not setting up in your backyard haha.
  22. Rent a canoe or paddle boat – you could even try stand up paddle boarding together
  23. See a concert or put on your fave tunes at home- time to dance around the living room and make some fun memories to last a lifetime. 
  24. Make your own pizza together- fun, romantic and edible! How could you go wrong?
  25. Laser tag- if shooting each other (or other people) with paintballs doesn't seem appealing to you, how about a laser gun instead? 
  26. Write each other a love letter and go through old photo albums- reminisce about fun times together or share stories from your childhood to get to know each other better. 
  27. Bowling
  28. Try some body paint - this could be as funny or sensual as you make it! 
  29. Fishing
  30. Go away for a night- hotel, room service and you don’t have to make the bed in the morning!