Cake smash photo shoot tips

Capturing special moments for your child with a cake smash photoshoot.
A cake smash photo shoot is a great way to capture a snapshot of a year in the life of your child. Why limit it to just the first year? You could do a cake smash photo shoot at any age, you could even do one every year for a fun way to document their growth.
Here are our top 5 tips for getting the most out of your cake smash photo shoot no matter whether you are having a professional photography session or have opted for DIY.
  1. Put the child's age number on the side of the cake or behind them so you can easily tell the age/ year when reminiscing later on.
  2. Keep decorations simple so that it doesn’t draw the attention away from the child/ children. You could have their favourite colour decorations in the background with their favourite teddy/ toy as a simple but effective way of showcasing some of their likes/ interests. 
  3. Use a classic white or silver cake stand so it can be used year after year. You could even gift the stand to them when they turn 18 or move out of home. 
  4. Plastic table covers are great to use on the floor, you can tape the corners down to hold them in place for pictures and they make clean up a breeze! 
  5. Don't forget to have fun! Nothing makes better photos that honest joy and excitement. Put on some music, have a dance around and keep the environment relaxed and playful. 

You can find our cake smash kits here or contact us if you would like some help.