Using citrus fruits for decorating

Using citrus fruits in our Christmas decorating is certainly not a new idea but it is definitely gaining some traction over the last few years. 

Such a cheap, easy and versatile DIY decorating option so we thought we would share how we dry our fruit and some ideas on how you can incorporate this fun idea into your decorating this year. 



  1. Wash your fruits very well to remove any pesticides/ fertilizers and then cut them into slices approx 3-5mm thick. you can adjust the thickness of your slices dependent on your project but be sure to adjust the drying time too.
  2. Using a tea towel or some paper towel, blot as much of the moisture from the slices as you can. If you intend on hanging your slices, use a straw to poke some holes now.
  3. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper, be sure to leave some gaps in between the slices.
  4. Cook in the oven at 100 degrees celsius for 3 hours. Turn slices at least once during cooking. 
  5. Once removed from the oven, it's best to leave your slices on some paper towel overnight before putting in a container or using for decorations. 

Tips and ideas for use:

If you are wanting to hang your slices then we suggest using a straw to poke holes in the slices before cooking. 

Drying your slices in direct sunlight for a day before cooking will speed up the oven time but you will still need to leave them overnight after baking before use.

Fruit slices can be used in so many ways but here is a list of our favourites to get your creative juices flowing (pun intended ha ha ha) 

- Of course you can just enjoy them as a sweet treat (with or without some chocolate added).

- Use them to decorate your Christmas pudding. 

- Thread a pretty ribbon through the hole and hang on your Christmas tree.

- Add some glitter and use on your Christmas table as a decoration.

- Coat in a glaze (make sure no moisture is left first) and use as a coaster on your Christmas table. 

- Add them as a garnish to your Christmas platters or add a fancy touch to your drinks. 

- Use them with or without added glitter to your wreaths or garlands. 

Let us know how you choose to use them and follow us on our social media accounts for more tips.