480 LED Icicle Solar Lights
480 LED Icicle Solar Lights
480 LED Icicle Solar Lights

480 LED Icicle Solar Lights

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These beautiful Icicle Lights offer 480 LED Solar LED lights that hang on a clear cable making it easy to turn any space into a stunning Christmas wonderland. The total length is approximately 14.25 metres with a solar panel and 2-metre power lead, meaning you can cover a large distance and create a truly impactful atmosphere.

Great for the holiday season but also suitable for other times of the year when you require ambient outdoor lighting that will impress.

  • Number of Lights: 480
  • Light Length(m): 14.25
  • Lead Wire (m): 2
  • Total Length(m): 16.25
  • Longest Drop: 70cm
  • 15cm Between Two Drops
  • Cable Colour: Clear
  • Power Source: Solar
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor Use (Do not place solar panel in shady areas)
  • IP Rating: IP44

Product Options:

  • Blue+White
  • White

Product Features:

  • 8 Functions:*Combination, *In Waves, *Sequential, *SLO-GLO, *Flash, *Slow Fade, *Twinkle, *Steady On

First Time Use:

Place the solar light in a position where it will be exposed to the sun for at least 48 hours period to fully charge the battery. During the day the solar panel uses sunlight to recharge the battery. At night, the lights turn on automatically.

Operating time depends on the geographical location. In winter, lights will not receive as much sunlight and operating time will decrease. 8 hours of direct sunlight per day will fully recharge the solar light.

Do not place solar panel in shady areas.